"These books made my son enjoy reading, and I can't thank you both enough!!!"
— Melanie Ault

"My daughter picked out Artsy-Fartsy and actually made it through the whole book! She has a  tendency to start a book then quit halfway through. Now's she's flying through your books faster than I've ever seen her read, and the best part is that when we tell her it's time to read she says "ok"!  And she frequently reads beyond the required 20 minutes. We are THRILLED. Reading has been a huge struggle with my daughter, and this is the first time she's ever actually enjoyed reading! Thank you!"
— Kristen Besanceny

"Glitch continues the laugh-out-loud adventures of 10-year-old Aldo Zelnick. The holiday season has arrived, and Aldo grows a little greedy when he comes up with a plan to get glorious gifts galore, a plan he fondly refers to as Triple G. But will he get away with it under the gaze of Gnome-in-the-Home Griswold? We couldn’t stop laughing and wondering how this fun book would end. Would Aldo get all the gifts he asked for or none at all? This one was so fun to read that we read it during two bedtime story-times! We just couldn’t put it down. The perfect book for the holiday season!"
— Denise B., SoCal City Kids


By: Karla Oceanak

Comic novel for kids
Published November 2012
For readers 7-13
160 pages
ISBN 978-1-934649-25-1

All the rest of the Zelnicks like Christmas a lot, but Aldo, whose plan to get presents galore may have a glitch, does not. What’s this gobbledygook about giving being better than receiving? And what does the Giving Tree at the mall have to do with him, anyway? All this and nosy holiday gnomes, a glass-blowing grandma, and the generous helpings of goofiness this A-to-Z series keeps dishing out.

This seventh installment in the series also features a vocabulary-building glossary of fun and challenging words that start with the letter G, such as gumption, gloat and gadzooks.


He Knows If You've Been Bad or Good

If you've read Glitch then you've met Griswold, the Zelnick family's Gnome-in-the-Home. Griz may seem like a harmless holiday decoration, but he's actually Santa's spy, keeping watch on Aldo and Timothy to let the Head Elf Himself know if the boys are being greedy or generous this holiday season.

Griswold hails from the polar ice cap on the Chukchi Sea, a quick sleigh ride from Gnome, Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle but south of the North Pole. Being made of 100% indestructible foam keeps him warm in the coldest climes. Known for their googly eyes and magical abilities to see and hear much more keenly than humans (and even move from place to place when we're not watching), Home Gnomes are much more civilized than their cousins the Garden Gnomes, yet still, from time to time, get the urge to roam...